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In order to establish a radio station for the use of radio, a license must be obtained from the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications.

See the following chart to view the process from application to operation.

Flow chart: From application to licensing

1.An application must be filed in order to obtain a license.

An application should consist of an application form and attachments that specify the purpose of establishing the radio station, location of radio equipment, and construction design of the radio equipment to be used. (List of the license application fees)

Since March 30, 1997, the FD application system has been in effect.

2.The examination of the application

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Regional Telecommunications Bureaus) will examine submitted applications.

The following items will be examined.


If an application satisfies the Radio Regulatory Laws, a pre-permit will be issued, designating the following particulars.

4.Inspection of completed construction work

Applicants who have been issued a pre-permit are required to submit a "completion notice," in writing, to the relevant regional communications bureau upon completion of construction work on radio equipment to undergo inspections.

Note that part of the inspection may be omitted for users of registered Private Inspector System.

The following items will be inspected.

5.Steps 3 and 4 are omitted in simplified licensing procedures.

Small-scale facilities such as MCA radio Land Mobile Comminications, convenience radio stations, personal radio, and amateur radio, that have obtained the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification are not required to go through the pre-permit and inspection process. A licence will be issued if an examination determines conformity to regulations.


Licenses will be issued to applicants who have passed inspections or found eligible for simplified licensing procedures.

N.B. Licenses have valid terms.

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Copyright(C)Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications All Rights Reserved.