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International Cooperation

International cooperation in radio wave supervision

Administrative services on environmental protection for radio wave use considering the international implications must be administered from a global perspective. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications therefore conducts international monitaring of radio waves and exchanges information with foreign countries, and actively promotes international cooperation by inviting foreign trainees engaged in radio wave supervision.

The rapid emergence of city areas and information devices in developing countries necessitates radio wave supervision, measures to prevent interference, and appropriate frequency assignments.

As a leader in the field of radio wave monitoring since 1974, Japan has invited trainees to help acquire knowledge and skills in the techniques of radio wave monitoring as well as in the operation and maintenance of supervisory equipment, through lectures, training sessions, and field trips.

By 2006, 338 trainees from Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa have participated in these programs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications instructs trainees through lectures and training sessions.

Division in Charge:Radio Monitoring Office