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Activities to Promulgate Radio Wave Utilization Environment Protection

  1. As a rule, licenses are required in order to use a radio station, but many establish radio stations without knowing that a license is required.

    To prevent the establishment of unlicensed radio stations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications holds a "radio wave protection period" (from June 1 to June 10 each year), and promotes Enlightment and knowledge of radio waves.

    The object of the year 2008 version of the Radio Wave Utilisation Enlightenment Poster is to inform activities to appeal the harm illegal use of the radio wave does to the public good, and protect the Radio Use environment by widely appealing to the public who are directly interested in using the radio wave, those who market equipments unaware of their illegality and the departments for public works and transportation business managers who have great influence on establishers of Unlicensed Radio Stations.

    Enlightment campaigns are also carried out via television commercials, radios, and other nation-wide media.

  2. To provide local citizens with correct information on radio waves and radio wave technology, regional telecommunication bureaus hold community events, such as the "radio wave classroom" for primary school students.
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