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Measures to Prevent Interference with Important Radio Communications

In order to respond speedily and appropriately to interference with important radio communications(Note), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications establishes a comprehensive headquarters to handle interference with important radio communications on a case-by-case basis.

Note:important radio communications

Radio communications relating to electric communication or broadcast operations, saving human lives or assets, maintaining safety, weather operations, provision of electricity for electricity services or running trains for railway services.

When interference with important radio communications occurs, the relevant regional telecommunications bureau will immediately try to locate the source of interference and maintain a monitoring system, even an around-the-clock monitoring system in some cases, if interference has ceased but is likely to reoccur.

When interference of important radio communications is likely to occur during national events or visits by foreign dignitaries, a special monitoring system is established to increase supervision and avoid interference on frequencies used by aircraft and aircraft controls, train radio, police, and the Japan Coast Guard, as well as to monitor radio waves used for communication by these entities.

Division in Charge:Radio Monitoring Office