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Facilitating a Smooth Transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting

1.Purpose of the Project

The project is intended to ensure that the total transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting in July 2011 is completed, to achieve more efficient use of frequencies, and to employ the bandwidth opened thereby for other systems, facilitating the fair and effective use of radio waves.

2.Outline of the Project

  1. Enhancement of support system to assist with reception of digital broadcasts

    MIC DTV Support Center, serving all prefectures of Japan, offers detailed briefing sessions and Door-to-door visit to explain reception issues and survey the situations of users, primarily the elderly and disabled.

  2. Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner Support for low-income households
  3. Support for people in sparsely populated areas and remote islands where there is no reception

    Measures include support for digital broadcasting stations, measures for reception improvement against cliff effect, and provisional satellite broadcasts serving areas with poor terrestrial digital broadcasting reception.

  4. Support for shared use of antennas, etc. when there is no reception

    Support for digitalization of shared reception equipment for remote areas, areas hidden behind a building, and apartment buildings, and support for maintenance of digital analog conversion equipment, etc.

3.Status of Project Implementation

Please visit the following website for updates on the status of project implementation.

Division in Charge:Terrestrial Broadcasting Division