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National Grant Program for the Area Expansion of Mobile Phone Services

1.Purpose of the Program

While mobile phone services are increasingly indispensable for our daily lives, there are still areas where area expansion of the mobile phone services is not anticipated due to geographical conditions or business considerations. The purpose of this program is to facilitate the area expansion of mobile phone services in these areas and promote the wider use of mobile phones so as to alleviate the radio use-related digital divide and ensure fair radio use.

2.Outline of the Program

When municipalities construct base station facilities (towers, cables, equipment and so forth) in geographically disadvantaged areas (sparsely populated regions, remote areas, isolated islands, peninsulas, etc.), or when wireless carriers construct and maintain transmission lines (fiber-optic cables, etc.) required for the operation of base stations, subsidies are provided.

(A) Implementing body :
  • Municipal governments (cities, towns or villages) <-- Base station facilities
  • Wireless carriers (etc.) <-- Transmission lines
(B) Eligible regions : Eligible regions: Sparsely populated regions, remote areas, isolated islands, peninsulas, mountain villages, specified rural villages and heavily snow-prone regions
(C) Intended facilities for subsidization :
  • Base stations (towers, cables, radio equipment etc.)
  • Transmission lines (Telecommunication circuit usage fees to operators for 10 years)
(D) Subsidization rate : 2/3 of the total cost (1/2 when the number of households in an area is 100 or above)
Division in Charge:Land Mobile Communications Division