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Spectrum user fees tool

This is the tool which calculates a Spectrum User Fees. You have established or the Spectrum User Fees of the Radio station which it is going to establish from now on is calculated.
This program uses Java Script, and confirm the setting of a browser, please when you calculate the charge.

Assumption matter

  1. This calculation value is reference value.Please ask the detailed nearby comprehensive Communication Bureau etc.

2. This calculation tool calculates The amount of electric wave use charges after October 1, 2017.

Condition input1

About the radio station which you received license or it is going to receive, please choose the following items, and push the "NEXT" button.
(You cannot choose the item irrelevant to the calculation of the amount of electric wave use charges.)

System of spectrum user fee(*1) From 2017/10/1
Division of the Radio station(*2) The license station or the registration station the individual license station
The license station of the inclusion
The registration station of the inclusion
Category of the Radio station
Presence of movement of the Radio station It moves. It doesn't move.
Presence of movement of the partner of communication It moves. It doesn't move.
The purpose of the radio station For broadcast examinations(The thing which falls under corpus vile radio stations.) Others
Radio station perform relay broadcast to Radio interference prevention, and perform Multiplex broadcast It performs them.
It doesn't perform them.


*1 Apply to the radio station which reach Corresponding date after October 1, 2017.

*2 In addition, the Radio station by blanket licenses (license which enables establishment of two or more Radio stations same type by one license, without receiving license for every individual Radio station), such as a cellular phone and MCA radio system, should not choose classification, and should choose the Radio station of a blanket license.
The Radio station by blanket registration, such as a 5GHz Zone Radio AccessSystem, should not choose classification, and should choose the Radio station of a blanket license.
In case of the Practical Testing Station, please choose the supposed practical category.

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