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Process of Frequency Assignment

Process of Frequency

  • In Japan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is responsible for frequency management in accordance with the Radio Law, to promote public welfare, by ensuring the equitable and efficient use of radio waves.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications councils and seeks public comment in order to maintain the transparency in making standards or policies for frequency management.
Decisions on international of frequency allocation
(Decisions of the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference)
  • Make proposals by consulting people concerned
  • Seek to public comments on Japanese proposal
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Decisions on domestic of frequency allocation (Revision and publication of frequency assignment plan)
  • Seek public comments on draft revisions
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Study technical requirements to introduce technical standards for a new system
(Consultation to Telecommunications Council)
  • Review by telecommunication carriers, manufacturers, users and academics
  • Seek public comments domestically and from overseas
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Establishment of ministerial ordinances introducing technical standards for the system
(Consultations to the Radio Regularity Council)
  • Seek comments from people concerned
  • Seek public comments to on the draft technical
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Publication of a draft license policy
(A draft revision of examination standards related to the Radio Regulations, etc.)
  • Seek public comments on the draft license policy
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Establishment and publication of the license policy
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Reception and examination of application for radio licenses
(Consultation, as required, on radio licensing to the Radio Regulation Council)
  • Examination in compliance with Basic Standards for establishing radio stations and Radio Law related examination standards
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Radio license (frequency assignment)
(Publication of frequency assignments in Frequency Table of Japan)
Division in Charge:Radio Policy Division