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Spectrum User Fee Payment Methods etc.

On the radio station licensing day (the day which correspond to the licensing day, every year from the next year) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications sends the annual spectrum user fee notice to the license holders of the radio stations.

The spectrum user fee is printed on the fee notice, and must be paid by the payment deadline, through the post offices (excluding ordinary post offices) or banks.

If the fee is not paid before the deadline, a reminder is sent, and arrears may have to be paid.

[Calculation method of arrears]

The spectrum user fee for any number of years within the licensing period (excluding blanket licenses) can be paid in advance. From the following fiscal year of the year when this request is made, the fee for the number of years that is requested by the licensee can be paid in advance.

If an advanced payment request is made with the application for a license, the advanced payment for the number of years requested by the licensee can be made from the year the license is given.

The spectrum user fee can be paid through a bank account.

Division in Charge:Spectrum User Fee Office, Radio Policy Division