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Purpose of the System

1.Objectives of the System

Radio waves are used in a wide variety of situations, for TVs, cellular telephones, and other functions that are familiar to us, and for highly public purposes, such as in the radio telecommunication systems used by the police, the fire department, ambulances, airlines, ships, and disaster prevention programs.

There are many cases, however, where radio is used illegally, when radio terminals are used without licenses, or when they are modified illegally so as to disrupt the operation of other radio stations.

In order to secure the fair use of radio, the Spectrum User Fee System was introduced on April 1, 1993. This is to secure a radio user environment without mixed or obstructive signals, and also to digitalize licensing procedures and promote a more efficient way of radio use, in order to cope with the sudden increase in radio stations.

Graph:Changes in Number of Radio Stations

2.Allocation of Spectrum User Fees

Spectrum user fees are used for the following expenses, as stipulated by the Radio Law.

  1. Monitoring and adjustment of radio waves, search for illegally installed radio stations
  2. Establishment and management of the Integrated Radio Stations Database
  3. Examination, and analyzing the results thereof, for establishing the technical standards of radio equipment using technologies that contribute to efficient utilization of radio
  4. Specific Frequency Change Support Service
  5. Others
Division in Charge:Radio Policy Division