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Radio Equipment Type Approval System

  • Subject equipment:
    Radio equipment, etc. installed on ships and aircraft
    (e.g. GMDSS, ship radar, TCAS, etc.)
  • Technical regulations:
    Stipulated by the Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment
  • Procedure:
    Stipulated by the Rules for Type Approval of Radio Equipment
  • Approval bodies:
    The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
  • In accordance with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and other international treaties, the responsible authorities need to approve the type of radio equipment to be installed on ships and aircraft.
  • Based on this, radio equipment cannot be installed unless it is of the type approved by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications.

1.Purpose of the type approval

Why is the type approval obligatory?
This is because radar installed on ships and radio equipment installed in compulsory aircraft stations are required to be extremely reliable, for the safety of human life, for the protection of property, and for maintaining order of radio use.
Figure: Purpose of the type approval

2.Outline of the type approval process

Figure: Flow of the type approval procedure

3.Specified Categories

Frequency measuring instruments
Radio installed on ships for radio navigation
Apparatus for life-saving radio equipment installed on ships Two-way radio phone
Satellite Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
Search And Rescue Radar Transponder (SART)
Transmitter and receiver equipment for maritime mobile services radio stations conducting digital selective calling (DSC) communications, etc. DSC (MF/HF) transmitter and receiver equipment
DSC (MF/HF) receiver equipment
DSC (VHF) transmitter and receiver equipment
DSC apparatus (DSC equipment (class A))
Narrow band direct print (NBDP) apparatus
Receiver for a global satellite navigation system
Receiver for a terrestrial radio navigation system
Automatic identification system
Inmarsat advanced function pager apparatus
DSC receiver apparatus DSC receiver equipment (MF)
DSC receiver equipment (MF/HF)
DSC receiver equipment (VHF)
Navtex receiver equipment
Inmarsat ship earth station radio equipment apparatus
Radio equipment apparatus installed on aircraft
Division in Charge:Certification Promotion Office