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DEURAS Direction finder (DEURAS-D)

The main DEURAS system
detects any unlicensed radio station

The DEURAS-D system features numerous sensor stations installed atop steel towers and buildings in Japan's major city areas, and connected to center stations at regional telecommunications bureaus via high-speed digital lines. The lines are capable of measuring a broad frequency range, from 25MHz to 3GHz, which covers recent technological advances such as digital cell phones, digital MCAs, and PHS. DEURAS-D can also auto-monitor and detect unlicensed radio stations that interfere with mobile communications and other radio communications that are becoming increasingly popular.

Figure: DEURAS Direction finder (DEURAS-D)
Photo 1: DEURAS Direction finder (DEURAS-D) (2)
Photo 2: DEURAS Direction finder (DEURAS-D) (3)
Photo 3: DEURAS Direction finder (DEURAS-D) (4)
Division in Charge:Radio Monitoring Office