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When a license will not be granted

1.When a license will not be granted

The Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications will not grant radio licenses to all who apply.

Broadly speaking, radio licenses will not be granted in the following two cases.

2.Exclusion of foreign entities

All applicants cannot be assigned a radio frequency due to the limited availability of radio resources. The priority lies in allocating radio frequencies to Japanese citizens and Japanese corporations rather than foreign entities.

Radio licenses will not be issued to either non-Japanese citizens or non-Japanese corporations.

Foreign entities are permitted to establish experimental radio stations and amateur radio stations.

3.Exclusion of anti-social person or entities

A person or entity who was been sentenced to more than a fine within the last two years for committing a crime under the Radio Regulatory Laws or the Broadcast Law and has served the sentence, or a person or entity whose license has been revoked within the last two years, may not be issued a license.

The issuance of a license is up to the discretion of the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications.

Division in Charge:Fixed Radio Communications Office