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A licensee must submit an application before expiration in order to renew a license and continue operations after a valid term.

The following chart indicates the renewal process.

Flow chart:The flow of renewal application

1.In order to continue operations with a license, an application for renewal must be filed.

A completed renewal application with relevant attachments should be filed with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Regional Telecommunication Bureaus). (List of the license application fees)

2.An examination

Necessity to continue operations at a radio stations, among other items, will be examined.

3.A license will be issued.

If examination results show that the application conforms to Radio Regulatory Laws, the license will be renewed.

4.Designated period of the renewal applications

Applications to renew a license must be made no less than 3 months prior to, but not 6 months before the date of expiration. But licenses that have a valid term of 1 year, such as an amateur radio station license, should be renewed 1 month before the expiration date.

Division in Charge:Fixed Radio Communications Office