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Fixed-Satellite Communications (includes VSAT)

Satellite Communications refer to the communications between a satellite in space and a radio station on the ground. This communications system is characterized for its wide coverage, disaster-proofness, and broadcast capability. Therefore, users of this system take advantage of these characteristic features.

Communication Satellite

The communication satellite is mainly used as a fixed line on which international telephone relays, transmission of content for television programs and the similar uses are made. In addition, it is increasingly used as a leased circuit for communications within corporations, for communications among local governments for administrative disaster prevention

Control Station

In case the communication satellite is used as a fixed line, it is necessary to have a big antenna with more than five meters in diameter.

Large Size Earth Station

When the content for the television programs need to be transmitted from the site where it is collected, a vehicle such as a truck with an in-vehicle two-meter-diameter antenna is used.

In-Vehicle Type Earth Station

The communication satellites with a one-meter-diameter antenna are called VSAT and are widely used for the administrative communication system for disaster prevention.

VSAT Earth Station
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