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Obtaining Radio Operator Qualification

1.Obtaining Qualification

[Methods of obtaining qualification]

  • Pass the national examination
  • Complete the training course
  • Graduation from educational establishment (university, etc.) after mastering subjects on radio communications
  • Stated professional career as a qualified radio operator and complete the authorized training course

2.National Examination and Designated Examination Agency

National Examination

  • The examination is open to all, regardless of age, sex and nationality.
  • Examination takes a practical test for telecommunications skills and written tests (choice from five alternatives) for other examination subjects.
  • It is specified by law that examinations are conducted at least once a year for each type of qualification.

Designated Examination Agency

  • Upon application, a single designated examination agency is selected for every qualification. When the designated examination agency is selected, the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications will not carry out the management of the examination for the designated qualification.
  • The Japan Radio Institute has been designated by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications to carry out the management of the state examination.

Criteria to be a Designated Examination Agency

  • That planning for the management of the examination fit the purpose and the sound implementation of the management of the examination
  • That the organization designated have a sufficient financial base to properly and precisely carry out the planning for the management of the examination
  • That when the organization designated engages in other businesses than the management of the examination, such businesses will not lead to partiality in respect to the management of the examination

3.Partial Exemption from the National Examination

Successful applicants in subject areas

  • Those with a passing mark in test subject areas will be exempted, from taking the test in these subjects for three years.

Graduates from authorized educational establishments, etc.

  • Graduates from educational establishments, etc., authorized by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications will be exempted, for three years following graduation, from taking tests for the whole or part of the basic radio engineering, the telecommunication skills and English tests.

Those having stated qualifications

  • Those recognized as having already obtained, through their professional career or otherwise, the knowledge and skills necessary for the qualification in the subject of the examination will be exempted from the relevant test subjects.

4.Other Methods of Qualification

Completion of Training Course

  • Those who have completed the training course authorized by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications with respect to relatively simple qualifications are entitled to obtain the radio operator license.

Graduation from Educational Establishments, etc.

  • Those who have graduated after studying the stated subjects relating to radio communication in a course of study conducted by universities, etc., are granted certain qualifications.

Professional Career of Qualified Radio Operators and Their Completion of Authorized Training Courses

  • Qualified persons are entitled to obtain higher grade qualifications by having engaged in the operation of radio equipment for a stated period of time during their professional career, and by taking the authorized training course.
    (Qualification + Career + authorized training course -> higher grade qualifications)
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