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Specific Frequency Change Support Service

1.Purpose of the Service

Radio frequencies are becoming very crowded today as the number of radio stations in Japan is increasing rapidly with the expansion of cellular phone use and other factors. In order to ensure stable radio use without interference and jamming, it is necessary to resolve the problem of frequency crowding.

By promoting transition to a new radio system that makes better use of radio waves, it will be possible to lower the frequency required for use, ensure frequency for various forms of radio use, and ease frequency crowding.

For this purpose, the specific frequency change support service, which is funded with revenues from spectrum user fees, was started in FY2001 in order to ease frequency crowding.

2.Outline of the Service

The Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications will, where the Minister changes the Frequency Allocation Plan or the Plan for the Available Frequencies Allocated to Broadcasting (Frequency Allocation Plan, etc.) that fall under the following items, when the Minister deems it necessary for ensuring adequate use of radio waves, toward licensee or other establishers of radio equipment who will conduct construction work for changing radio equipment concerning change of frequency or antenna power, compensate said construction costs and provide other necessary support.


  1. The use of frequency by the old radio system is equal to or less than ten years after the change of the Frequency Allocation Plan, etc.
  2. The ratio of the frequency used for the communications mode and the purpose of the radio station that is the same as that of the old radio system is equal to or less than three fourths.
  3. The allocation of frequency to the special specific new station is possible in five years or less after the change of the Frequency Allocation Plan, etc.

The Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, when ordering specific frequency change-related services to be performed, assign the services to a designated party (a specific frequency change-related service organization).

These services have hitherto included services related to analog frequency changes necessitated by the transition from analog to digital broadcasts over the period from FY2002 through FY2010, which were designate as "specific frequency change-related services."

Division in Charge:Spectrum User Fee Office, Radio Policy Division